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We really love to hear about projects with a twist...

Having previously managed suites of nature reserves across the region for a broad range of plants and animals (Local Nature Reserves, Local Wildlife Sites and Sites of Special Scientific Interest are a speciality), we have a vast knowledge of ecological communities, coupled with a deep understanding of how to create, enhance and manage thriving wildlife habitats. 

Past projects have included:

  • Baseline surveys of farmland which is to be entered into a Habitat Bank.

  • Advice on the management of privately owned Local Wildlife Sites.

  • The restoration and rejuvenation of ancient semi-natural woodlands, funded through Forestry Commission Woodland Grant Schemes.

  • Management of former industrial sites for rare butterflies.

  • Widescale pond creation for District Level Licensing of great crested newts, for a local Habitat Delivery Body.

  • Management of commercial timber plantations, whilst balancing the needs of a range of wildlife.

  • Production of simplified Site Management Plans, for sites containing a variety of habitats (grasslands, wetlands, woodlands and urban brownfield sites), to allow their ongoing management by grounds maintenance teams with no prior ecological knowledge, and without the need for specialist ecological skill sets.

  • Community engagement and citizen science projects.

  • Farm Environment Plans to support Higher Level Stewardship applications.

  • Heritage Lottery funded projects.

If you have a wildlife conservation project in mind, and you're looking for some professional guidance, why not give us a call...we may be able to help!


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Our initial consultation is free of charge, with no ongoing obligation. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss your project.

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