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Management and monitoring plan

Biodiversity Management & Monitoring Plans

Durham Dales Ecology has a wealth of experience in land management for nature conservation in a variety of settings, meaning we are ideally placed to produce tried, tested and cost-effective Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plans for your project.


Our experiences range from complex management plans, implemented by specialist nature conservation organisations, to simple, jargon-free work programmes, for use by grounds maintenance staff and private individuals with no prior ecological knowledge. 


Your management plan will be specific to your site, but all management plans seek to address the same concerns:

  • To identify and evaluate the ecological features of interest of a site (such as rare habitats or species);

  • To set clear objectives for the conservation of the ecological features of interest;

  • To describe the site and its management, and identify issues (both positive and negative) that might influence the site, and;

  • To implement a program of ongoing monitoring works, to ensure the prescribed management is effective, and apply changes where necessary.

In short, the Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plan describes how, when and where the proposed ecological works will be delivered, and by whom. 


Durham Dales Ecology has a detailed understanding and awareness of the methods required to create thriving wildlife habitats, through years of past practical experience, implementing a variety of projects for nature conservation bodies, local authorities and private landowners. By understanding the specific requirements of your site, and delivering tailored management, any ongoing maintenance costs can be minimised.


Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plans are increasingly requested following the introduction of Biodiversity Net Gain (BNG), and the need to demonstrate how ecological features created for BNG will be managed and maintained for the lifespan of the commitment. However, Durham Dales Ecology can produce stand-alone Biodiversity Management and Monitoring Plans, where requested.


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